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Weddings in Panama

For Many, Panama is a Perfect Wedding & Honeymoon Destination

Today many soon-to-be-married are considering ‘gateway’ destinations for actual ceremonies, honeymoons or reaffirmations. Panama has established a reputation as one of the best gateway options, especially in the Caribbean and Latin American regions. Here some reasons why.

Panama provides a wide selection. Hotels in the capital and the provinces, many of which regularly cater to Panamanian weddings, will gladly organize a wedding for couples from abroad, either in the grounds or gardens or at a nearby beach or beauty spot or the mountains or on a tropical island – the list goes on. Another advantage is that in Panama it is easy to combine wedding and honeymoon in one spot. The weather is warm and tropical year round too.

Honeymoon in Panama

Panama is a perfect destination for Weddings and Honeymoons

A Panama destination wedding are almost guaranteed to be cheaper, simpler & faster to organize than the US, Canada, Europe and even Asia. In Panama, an overall budget – location rental, accommodation, food and drinks, entertainment, decorations and plane fare can total a third or half less. For those in your family, wedding party and who are friends that want to see the big event, the lower costs make it easier to attend. (There are even non-stop flights from many major US and European cities to Panama for added convenience.

Experience & Care
Anyone who wants to have their weddings in Panama will find that the country is surprisingly sophisticated in this matter. Professional wedding planners offer their services in Panama City, talented photographers are available to record the event and caterers, for traditional, international or ethnic fare, will quote for any type and size of reception. Planners can easily organize all of required support, from finding a horse-drawn carriage to tours and activities for any number of guests.

Limited Paperwork
The Panama Tourism Bureau (ATP, Autoridad de Turismo de Panama) introduced numerous laws to make it easier for foreigners to wed here. As to the actual details of getting married on Panamanian soil there are some preparations to be made. For a civil or religious ceremony there are a number of requirements. The couple needs a “certificado de soltería” or document certifying that they are single. Other requirements are a birth certificate, a certificate of good health (this will include an AIDS test) and two witnesses. The documents have to be authenticated in the country of origin, usually by a process known as “apostille” involving a Panamanian consulate. All documents have to be translated into Spanish by an authorized public translator. For religious ceremonies, there are also requirements such as a baptism certificate and pre-nuptial talks with a minister. It depends on the denomination. Again your wedding planner can take you through and help you complete all of the above mentioned requirements.

Now you know the basics of why Panama might be just the right gateway wedding option for you and yours.

Living in Panama


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